Happy Fathers Day Poems From Sons

Fathers Day Poems From Sons

Essential Father

My dad is my role model for
Most everything I do.
I look to him to see what’s right
He always gets me through.
(Repeat last two lines)

I hope my father knows how much
I love him and I care.
He is my hero and my rock,
My dad is always there.
(Repeat last two lines)

My father is essential to
My life and happiness.
My feelings are so strong for him,
My heart cannot express.
(Repeat last two lines)

There’s so much more about my dad
That I would like to say,
But now I’ll end by saying to you Dad,
Happy Father’s Day.
(Repeat last two lines)

Happy Fathers Day Poems From Sons 2019

My Special Joy

A grandfather is a special blessing
enriching the life of a grandchild
with unique and incomparable joys.
Grandpa, you are my special joy.
I get a warm, safe, contented feeling
when I think of you.
With you, I feel no pressure to be
what someone else wants me to be;
you love me enough to let me be me.
You’re never in a hurry;
you always take time to listen and to help.
You are always there for me when I need you;
You’re never too busy for talks, for walks.
I can count on your wisdom,
your life experience,
your understanding heart
to help me comprehend and get through
challenges you’ve already faced.
You are part parent, part teacher,
part best friend.
Your strength and your easy, calm confidence
is your legacy to me,
and I love you dearly.

Father’s Day Songs

Grandpa, You’re the One

Grandpa you’re the very best;
You’re a lot of fun.
When I need someone to care,
Grandpa you’re the one.

You’re always in a real good mood.
I’m happy when you’re with me;
I love you, and I always will,
You’re the best grandpa that could be!

Happy Father’s Day, Grandpa!

The Best Man I Ever Knew

When we married, I saw you as perfect,
The ideal husband and more;
I thought I knew all about you,
All the things to love and adore.

But when you became a father,
I saw new qualities to treasure.
You enrich all our lives in fresh ways;
As a dad, you bring so much pleasure.

Our child/children is/are forever blessed
To have a father like you,
And I love you more than ever,
You’re the best man I ever knew

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